The Perfect Keyboard for Writers and Writing


My attempts to find a really good, reasonably priced, keyboard for banging out the words have seen me accumulate a big pile of the things (I realised this the other day when I had a big clear-out in the office) but I think the search may finally be over – and from an unexpected source. You see, the strangely named iRocks Golem Keyboard is actually designed for gamers and my game playing is firmly limited to the console version of Minecraft and the various Lego-themed games – the idea of playing games in my office rather than from the sofa does not appeal at all.

So, why the change of tack? I’d been concentrating largely on “scrabble-type” keyboards similar to those found on laptops and, had I been designing my own model I’d probably have started with that type rather than the more traditional “clickety-clack” type. And yet, the reviews of this model all complimented its keys, likening it to a more refined version of the old IBM keyboards many of us beardies remember with fondness (though they were bloody loud). The Golem keyboard features what iRocks calls “scissor switches”, designed to be robust and responsive during frenetic game playing sessions. It so happens, this very same technology makes it ideal for writing – at least to me.

There’s a lovely feel to typing on this keyboard I’ve not found elsewhere making the feedback positive in a way I haven’t experienced since the old days. And the keys light up which makes it great for use in a dim office and is, aside from anything else, cool. The only downside – it’s wired. But I’m prepared to forgive it that as it’s otherwise pretty close to perfection.

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