Ten Minute Author

I began my daily habit on January 2017 and, since then, I’ve written well over a million words in small (and larger) chunks. 

Words are our stock in trade. To become successful authors, we must first write. To become an author and build a career, we have to write regularly. And yet, many budding writers start in a blaze of enthusiasm only to give up as the motivation deserts them. For most people, binge-writing at the weekends does not work.

Writing in ten minute blocks does.

Ten Minute Author is a short (but fascinating), practical step by step guide to establishing an easy habit that could transform the would-be writer to the successful author.


Ten Minute Author will be published on all retailers in June 2020.


Word Tracker (Excel/GDOCS/PDF)

A simple Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet or printable PDF to make keeping track of your 28-day challenge progress. Feel free to modify it as you wish. For the Google Docs version, please make a copy (File/Make a Copy).

28-day-challenge calendar (PDF)

Pin this on your wall and tick off the days as you build your streak by writing words every single day.

Have you written? postcard (PDF)

Print this out and stick it around the house to remind you to write today.

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