Scattered: Book 2 in the Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Survival series

The Long Night, Book 2

Scattered: Book 2 in the Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Survival series

With the world in turmoil, the Lee Corporation seeks to take advantage of the chaos. For Solly Masters, nothing matters more than finding his family – until the arrival of a strange object delivered by desperate man upends his plans and forces him to choose between his family and the fate of the world.

The Long Night takes a frightening real-world situation and asks a simple question: “what if?” In a world that is increasingly connected, corporations have more information about us than ever before. A fictional extension on what has actually started happening in our society, the Lee Corporation’s Bonesware health monitoring implants were supposed to keep us healthy and safe – until they didn’t. Now, with over ninety percent of the civilized world dead over the course of a night, the few who remain must try to survive.

The Long Night is a collaborative work between Kevin Partner and Mike Kraus. A unique take on the apocalypse and on the post-apocalyptic genre, The Long Night will be a 6-part series of full-length novels released once per month.


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