Robot Empire: Battle for Dawn

Their survival depends on unity.

But their greatest enemy lies within.

The crew of Arkship Dawn fought off the first attack by the brutal Vanis Federation, but retribution will surely follow.

Helped by those she thought were enemies and hindered by her former friends, can Arla defeat the thousand year prejudice of her own society?

Can she face off against a vastly superior military?

And if they win, where could they go to find safety?

Battle for Dawn is the second book in a now complete six book series. If you like the Foundation series of Isaac Asimov, or the works of Bradbury, Bear or Clarke, then you’ll love Kevin Partner’s series of fast paced space opera.

Get Battle for Dawn now for a vision of the future that has startling implications for the present.

What readers say about Battle for Dawn:

“Kevin Partner is a man who knows how to capture your interest at the very start of his books, and not let you go until he’s done with you!

Oh, and he always leaves you wishing for more!”

“Genius of the Genre, Kevin Partner cleverly weaves a magic, yet believable thread of a story through the disparate components to bring it together in a cohesive and engaging novel that will entertain the reader for hours and leave them wanting more, as I did!”