Deluge, Book 2


Survival is not guaranteed, as the survivors of the flood are quickly discovering while they try to make their way to each other – and to dry ground – in Deluge Book 2.


Put in place to try and fix the the melting ice caps, the Exobot project was supposed to be our salvation.

It became our destruction instead.

In the space of a few hours, most of the world’s land masses – including over 95% of the United States – have been covered with water. Billions are dead, governments are in chaos, and the few survivors left are literally treading water, trying to find the few bits of dry land left.

In the midst of the chaos, family ties, determination and the sheer will to live will be the only protection against the complete annihilation of mankind.


DELUGE is a 6-book novel-length post-apocalyptic survival series from Kevin Partner and Mike Kraus. This thriller explores humanity in the face of utter destruction, exploring both the good and the evil that rises in response to disaster.


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