Makepeace and Grimes: The Last Watchman

Holmes or Hyde? You decide.

1889. London.

On a murderous night, the guardians of the fragile peace between vampires and humans are betrayed.

Ichabod Grimes is the only survivor of the massacre.

But the last watchman can’t face the incoming blood tide alone..

Enter John Makepeace, disappointing son of a baronet who has squandered every advantage granted by his birth. On his way to his nightly appointment in a nearby drinking establishment, he sees a skirmish.

Does he ignore it and continue on his downward spiral to the gutter? Or does he turn away from his past and go to help? And if he does help, can he ever escape the dark world he becomes part of?

The Last Watchman is the first full length Makepeace & Grimes novel. A gothic mystery set in late Victorian London, The Last Watchman introduces a hidden world of humans, vampires and demons, and an eternal battle for survival.

If you like dark tales like Conan Doyles’ Sherlock Holmes tale The Hound of the Baskervilles, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, or love the idea of Ben Aaronovitch’s The Rivers of Londonset in the 19th Century, you’ll love The Last Watchman.

Just don’t read it in the dark…