Last Victory

The Last City, Book 6

Last Victory

Good versus evil comes together in a titanic battle for the soul of Hope – and the world at large – in the final book of The Last City.

When explosions ring out across the country, the town of Hope is mysteriously spared from the apocalyptic disaster. Waking up the morning after, the residents of the town quickly come to realize that they are an oasis in a vast hellscape, with threats looming on all sides. While some in the town fight for the survival of all, a few have more sinister plans, seeking to exploit Hope’s status for their own benefit. Allies become enemies and the old adage of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” rings true as Hope fights to survive the firestorm.

The Last City is a 6-part thrilling post-apocalyptic series that will take you a character-driven journey like you’ve never experienced before. Written by Kevin Partner and Mike Kraus, The Last City will take you across post-apocalyptic America as individuals struggle against the elements, other people and their own nature as they struggle to find a way to survive in the end of days.


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