Although it’s a a bit early for the main action in the square metre garden, I’ve decided to plant a few things out. Top left, I’ve planted four dwarf broad bean plants (“Robin Hood”) – with a second square further over. The first square was planted out at the start of the month – I realised I was taking a risk so kept the second batch back in the greenhouse before adding them today. The plants are covered by fleece so, unless we have some extraordinarily cold weather, they should be ok. I’m growing lots of salad greens so decided to see if a few of them could cope with cold weather – the answer is that they can, but don’t grow much. Their equivalents in the greenhouse are doing much better. I’ve also sown pea seeds in the square between the broad bean plants – no sign of germination yet and it’s possible they’ve rotted or been eaten. I’m also growing some leeks in the greenhouse to, later in the season, plant 9 per square to give a second crop after the beans.