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A mailing list is, in my view, the single most valuable marketing asset an author can own. Building an audience on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok is a great idea, but (as authors have discovered) any of these can amend their terms or policies, turning a fruitful method of getting in touch with readers practically worthless.

Email open rates can fluctuate for all sorts of reasons, so authors should focus on click rate since that tends to be pretty accurate and, after all it reflects readers taking action on your email (for example, clicking a buy button). I look for a ten percent click rate as a benchmark – this may seem low, but with a mailing list of, say, 4,000 people, that’s four hundred clicks to your book sales page. Compare that with the percentage of people who interact with a Facebook post – something closer to one percent – and you can see how powerful mailing lists can be.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter

This is an easy recommendation to make. Mailerlite stands head and shoulders over the competition.

I’ve been using it for over four years now and so know it intimately, and it remains my main mailing list management service.


Over the past few years, Mailerlite has developed into the complete email marketing service for indie authors. Launched as a competitor to Mailchimp, it now beats its rival in all the metrics that matter.

If anything, Mailerlite has too many features, so it pays to focus on those that matter – managing subscribers, setting up email campaigns and automations (sequences of tasks that take place automatically – for example delivering a book to a new subscriber or timed emails welcoming them to your list).

If you want the absolute simplest email marketing service, then that’s probably SendFox. But, if you’re ambitious and want to get the most out of your newsletters, Mailerlite is the more complete choice and you’re unlikely to grow out of it.

So, why not click the button below and give it a try. It’s free for up to 1,000 subscribers and, after that, cheaper at every level than Mailchimp. There are some even cheaper options, but MailerLite represents the best bang for your buck.

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