Learn to Program Your Raspberry Pi

Use your Raspberry Pi to learn programming

The Raspberry Pi is an extraordinary device – for less than £30 you can have the power of a computer in the palm of your hand. But what do you do with it once it arrives? The Raspberry Pi was designed to help people learn how to program and this guide will walk you, step by step, from first steps to creating sophisticated games and projects. Most of the book can also be used before your Raspberry Pi arrives as you can work on your standard computer.

The book includes:

  • All code for download or viewing online
  • How to set up your Raspberry Pi
  • The basics of programming
  • Introducing Python
  • Statements, Decisions and Loops
  • Object oriented programming explained
  • Creating a simple “space invaders” game
  • Creating a sophisticated “Bejewelled”-style game
  • Building a weather station
  • Making an explorer robot

This book contains QR/Barcodes which you can scan with your tablet or smartphone to view the code snippets alongside the book. It also contains short URLs to take you straight to each code sample in the browser of your Raspberry Pi, laptop, desktop or tablet. Don’t buy this book unless you’re prepared to use it alongside a computer you can type the code into – this is a book for doing programming not reading about it.

The book also includes links to the supporting website which includes full code, resources and parts lists.

Download/buy the book here

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