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Overall: 5/5

The sad fact is that books don’t sell themselves! Did you know that there are over 400,000 books in the Science Fiction & Fantasy category alone on Amazon? And that this is growing by around 20% per year?  That’s 220 new books published in that category every single day.

How do you make sure your book stands out from this crowd of new releases? One way is by arming yourself with data. With this, you can both make sure you’re writing a book that hits the mark with a specific audience and have the information needed to market it successfully.

K-lytics is a service that brings all this information together in an easily digestible form. Look at the table below – it tells you exactly which sub-genres to aim for if you want to be a big fish in a little pond. This sort of data is worth a fortune, and it’s only part of what you get with K-lytics.

You can join in one of two ways. A monthly membership gives you data across the whole of Amazon that updates regularly. But I choose to buy the regularly produced genre reports. The example below comes from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Genre report from July 2019 and it contains 68 pages of absolute gold dust.

There’s plenty of uncertainty about writing, but K-lytics helps to shine a little light into the mystery.


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