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Sometimes writing flows freely, and sometimes it’s like a clogged up stream, and all you can do is to keep trudging on in your wellies.
Yet, after over 40 novels, I’ve noticed that I almost never get stuck on dialogue.
And that dialogue is what I enjoy writing and reading most. Agatha Christie’s novels are around 75% dialogue by my estimation.
The key to dialogue is finding the character’s voice. And the key to that lies in the character himself/herself/themselves/itself.
I know when I’ve got it right because I find myself relishing the next time that character gets to speak, whether it’s Yuri, the Russian cosmonaut from the Deluge series or Gramma, the daft-as-a-brush northern witch from my Faerie King Trilogy.
And, if I’m not especially eager to hear what a character has to say, then maybe neither are my readers.
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