Buy any book on writing (including Stephen King's excellent "On Writing") and you'll hear the same thing trotted out time and again – make writing every day a habit.

Now, I agree wholeheartedly with this, however, there are two ways to make this more effective.

1 – Sprints
Writing is HARD for most of us and committing the time, especially around a full time job and family commitments, can be even harder. So, I try to get the bulk of my writing done in short, sharp, bursts of one month at a time. This is the same principle as NaNoWriMo but you can do it in any month and multiple times per year. As I write this, I am approaching 40,000 words in July with an aim of having 50,000 by the end of the month.
It is still difficult to sit down to work on a sunny evening when what I really want to be doing is chilling on the deck with a beer but it's only for a month and at the end of that time I will have a finished first draft. Having done this twice already, I can tell you that the sense of achievement is immense – enough to make me commit to doing the same thing again in a few month's time!
2- Convenience
This is all very well, but I also make the job of writing as convenient as possible. On Sunday mornings I get a bit of a lie-in (my wife gets hers on Saturday, in case you're wondering) and the last thing I wanted to do when I woke up was to get dressed and schlep downstairs to my office, then wait 20 minutes for my computer to become responsive. That's why I do all my first draft writing in Google Docs and the vast majority on my Chromebook. This morning, I've banged out 1,000 words on my HP14 Chromebook whilst sitting in bed. The great thing about ChromeOS devices, aside from being very cheap, is that they are almost tablet-like in that I flip the lid and, within 10 seconds, am writing. My Windows laptop, on the other hand, take a couple of minutes to get up to speed. 
Doesn't sound like a lot but it makes a huge difference to my productivity – I know that I can write at any time, even if I'm squeezing ten minutes in between other activities. That barrier of turning on the computer and waiting, and waiting, is non-existent. And, by using Google Docs, I could even use a tablet or any web enabled computer.
My advice is to find ways of making writing as simple and convenient as possible. And yes, I appreciate it doesn't come much simpler than pen and paper but, I don't know about you, but I can't write as quickly as I type and having to transcribe the whole lot would nullify any time savings.
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