Greenhouse: A Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Adventure (Insularity Book 1)

Voiced by Amazon Polly

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By Stephanie Mylchreest

Stephanie writes in first person present tense which is a difficult thing to pull off, but she manages it nicely. Kev.

If you want to die…

       …there’s no place like home.

He sees her across the table as they wait for the spring sacrifice. She is tenacious, beautiful, and deaf. And she makes a shocking, heretical claim…

The apocalyptic climate horrors that destroyed civilization hundreds of years ago will come again.

Will you help me? Delphine writes.

Chris replies, “Anything. Tell me what you need.”

On an island shielded from the violence of the mainland for centuries and lulled into a false sense of security, only two people truly understand the danger. What will happen to the unwitting insurgents in their search for the truth?

The island elders will do everything to stop them.

And who is the mysterious girl who fell from the sky and crashed in the sea off Martha’s Vineyard?

The fight for their survival begins…

Greenhouse is Book One in the Insularity Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Adventure series. If you like non-stop action, a glimpse into our possible future and a story whose pages turn themselves…

…get it now!

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