A fey king. An evil horde. A new darkness. And a boy with exploding hands.

When an incompetent creator falls asleep on the job, His dreams and nightmares bring forth The Tworld. Two worlds in neighbouring realities overlapping like a four dimensional Venn Diagram. One world bright and full of life, the other dark. And where the two worlds meet, the jealous eyes of a Faerie King peer from the darkness as he gathers a slave army of subjugation

Set against him and his dark horde is Bill Strike, a naive, girl-shy boy with exploding hands; the girl he’s shy of; three former witches and a pioneer of chicken-powered aviation. Oh, and a sadistic young noble with a grudge against the universe.

Strike First is volume 1 of a new comic fantasy series that features compelling characters, fantastical storylines, plot twists and a magical multiverse. And the occasional laugh.

If you enjoy the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams or anything by Neil Gaiman, then you’ll love this new comic fantasy series. Probably.

Download the book today to begin exploring.

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