Tunnels, trolls and disembodied souls. When you just can’t get the staff.

Bill Stryke, fire mage, has a problem. The magical staff he used to destroy the malicious Faerie King has been stolen by the king’s servant and, to make matters worse, the dark soul of the king is now trapped within the staff. With his companion Brianna and a goblin called Rasha, he sets off to the imperial capital to consult the library. With explosive consequences.

Can he prevent the king’s soul being united with a new body? Can his half-brother Chortley successfully send his goblin prisoners back to the Darkworld without falling victim to the labyrinth of the great wizard Minus? Can Gramma stop a load of revolting goblins? And who put that elf on the shelf?

Stryke Back is the second book in the Stryke Comic Fantasy series set in the Tworld – two worlds in neighbouring dimensions that overlap. The first book, Stryke First, is currently free on Amazon.

If you’re a fan of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and like fast paced fantasy, engaging characters, steampunk robots and more footnotes than a chiropodist, you’ll love this latest instalment in Kevin Partner’s comic fantasy series.

Buy Stryke Back to read Bill’s latest adventure today!

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