Words Today=2659

Well, that’s the best day’s writing I’ve managed in a while. 2,659 words done by lunchtime. I have a theory that it’s partly influenced by what music I’m listening to on my Echo. I’ve been enjoying Laura Marlin and similar lately, but there’s something a little soporific about her music which perhaps doesn’t help me get down to it. Today, I’ve listened to Johnny Flynn who, while still very much an indie folk artist does write music with more of a beat.

Or perhaps it was because I was writing something exciting…

So, I’ve reached the midpoint of the book slap bang at the moment when the "false victory" or "false defeat" is due, making me absolutely on track with the Save the Cat beats.

It’s hard work this writing lark, but it feels pretty darn good when I have a day like this as I can get on with everything else having put my words in the bank.

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