I’m Kevin Partner. Geek, Husband, Father of two daughters and a son. I live in Hampshire in the south of England. I’m an author, nerd and web developer.

Welcome to my website!  My first love is writing fiction and I’m currently working on the second book in a series of comic fantasy novels based on the universe of the Tworld (I consider myself a poor man’s Terry Pratchett!).

The first book, Stryke First: A Comic Fantasy was published in October 2016. Click this link to get it for free!

To date, however, I am better known as a non-fiction writer. I write books about business and technology as well as being a contributor to British magazine PC Pro generally covering programming topics.

I run my writing business, Scribbleit, and, with my wife, I also run online craft retailer MakingYourOwnCandles.

My greatest joy is to spend time with my family and to learn something new every day. My hobbies include electronics (mainly based around Raspberry Pi and Arduino) and gardening.

Some things you didn’t know about me:

  • Despite believing I have no musical or artistic talent since I was a child, over the past few years I’ve learned to draw, paint and play piano
  • I am totally mystified by the current fashion for big bushy beards and Edwardian haircuts. I mean WTF?
  • When I was eleven, I entertained my classmates with “humorous” poems about guinea pigs
  • I am dangerous with a soldering iron, though I love electronics projects
  • I write every day for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • I find Laurel & Hardy genuinely hilarious
  • favourite authors: Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell, JRR Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Isaac Asimov
  • favourite movies: Star Trek movies with the original cast, Star Wars 4,5,6,7, Shrek 1 & 2
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