Words Today=500

Another disrupted day (the double glazers are still here, banging away). This time, I spent it giving one of my short stories a wash and brush up. Victor: A Robot Empire Story is a prequel to the Robot Empire series and is used to build my SF mailing list. I wrote it back in mid 2017 and, having written the best part of a million words since then, I’m a better writer today. My understanding of punctuation has some on in leaps and bounds as a result of working with editors since this was written! I took the opportunity to tighten it up by getting rid of superfluous stuff and also changed it to US English since that’s where my biggest audience is. I am, after all, aping Isaac Asimov who was an American (well, okay he was a Russian immigrant to the US, but he wrote in US English).

Anyway – I had an enjoyable couple of hours revisiting that story. As is always the case when I come back to something after a while, I find it better than I thought it would be, but in need of a little TLC. That’s now up there and ready to introduce new readers to the Robot Empire.

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