Words Today=1,006
Streak=873 days

Welcome to the first of my blog posts chronicling a working author’s daily writing activities. At the moment, I’m working on book 2 of my Makepeace & Grimes series of Victorian gothic mysteries which I’d like to have finished in July.
You’ll see above that I record the number of words I’ve written in the day and also the "streak" – this is the number of consecutive days on which I’ve written for at least ten minutes. That, it turns out, has been the key for me. Since I started this streak, I’ve written over 800k words in total.
I’m working my way back up to full production (2,500 words a day) on M&G Book 2. Today was slow going because it involved researching Shakespeare’s Henry V and Julius Caesar – all in the service of a coded message Grimes has sent to Makepeace who is in Southsea in Portsmouth.
New (refurb) Chromebook arrived today. It’s an Acer Chromebook 15. I estimate I’ve written around 750k words on the old one, but this one has a larger screen (15 inch) and a faster processor. All for £250 🙂

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