"Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Sherlock Holmes"

On the streets of Victorian London lurks a sinister threat. And those who defend us from it.

Dare you open this account of the war against The Others? The stories contained within this journal will haunt you and you'll never again look upon a shadow beneath a street light without fearing what may lurk there.

This is the first part of the first Makepeace and Grimes novel. Download it and be in at the beginning of this series.

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Would you risk everything for the sake of a stranger?

Arla thought the valleys of Dawn were the entire universe. But when she was recruited to become an Engineer, she discovered she'd been living a lie.

The Valleys weren't real - they were inside a carved out asteroid on a centuries-long mission though interstellar space to establish a colony on a new planet.

But when they arrive at their destination they find that someone got there before them and when a terrifying enemy attacks Dawn, Arla is forced to take command.

With little support from her fellow engineers or officers, she must go up against a ruthless federation seeking a renegade pilot sheltering in Dawn's brig. Should she give him up to certain death or risk the lives of everyone she loves for the sake of a stranger?

Dawn: Exodus is the first book in the now complete Robot Empire series of galaxy-sized adventures. If you like fast-paced science fiction in the classic mould of Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury and Bear, you’ll love Kevin Partner’s space adventure series.

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A fey king. An evil horde. A new darkness. And a man with exploding hands.

"Fans of George Takei and Terry Pratchett will love this book and join me waiting impatiently for the next one. Go ahead, read it!"
"Couldn't turn a page without a chuckle, a chortle or a good old fashioned guffaw!"
"Funny, reminiscent of Robert Asprin, Douglas Adams, the best of Robert Heinlein"
"This is an adventure story with bits of madness, magic, a budding bit of romance, and an air force wing of fighting chickens."

Strike First is volume 1 of a comic fantasy series that features compelling characters, fantastical storylines, plot twists and a magical multiverse. And the occasional laugh. If you enjoy the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams or anything by Neil Gaiman, then you’ll love this new comic fantasy series.


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Makepeace and Grimes

A new direction You know, every now and again, an idea occurs that is too good to be left until later. I’d just finished the fourth book in the Robot Empire series (Sledgehammer) and was organising a group promotion for some author friends who write historical...

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Marley and Ma

This is a Christmas story inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I hope you enjoy it 😉 Marley McCarthy is not looking forward to Christmas. All his mates get better pressies than him and, because of this, he hates going back to school in January. While he...

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Sorcery, Discworld Book 5 Review

This is the story of Coin, the eighth son of an eighth son of an eighth son - and it's therefore superficially similar to Equal Rites. One problem with the story is that the main character is pretty unlikeable, but the other main problem is Rincewind, who has, by this...

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Mort by Terry Pratchett – Review

Mort is the fourth book in the Discworld series, and the great man was really hitting his stride. Mort(imer) is a young, gangly, lad with few job prospects - so few that, at the apprentice's market, he ends up the only unhired job applicant. Fortunately (or not),...

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Amateur Grammatics – A Comic Fantasy (FREE audio book)

Amateur Grammatics is my novelette (get a FREE copy here) featuring the world's most arthritic witch and her encounter with a creepy fairground. On a whim, I recorded and edited it in a couple of days, so I hope you'll enjoy my dramatic performance! At just under and...

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Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett – Review

Equal Rites is the third book set on the Discworld and the first not to focus on Rincewind - although it does feature wizards. As the eighth son of an eighth son, Eskarina Smith was destined to be a powerful wizard. The only problem is, she's a girl - a fact that...

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