Extinction Pulse: Book 1 of the Nightfall series

Nothing will stop this father from finding his daughter.

Not even the end of the world.

Detective Elijah Wade is on the trail of a serial killer when the skies above Los Angeles erupt into the most spectacular light show humanity has ever seen. And the most deadly. His daughter is in a hospital bed on the other side of the continent, but where does his duty lie now? To her, to justice or to his species?

Astronomer Hannah Redman watches as her colleagues die one by one, victims of a lethal dose of radiation. Can she survive long enough to discover what’s caused the catastrophe and whether it will happen again?

Two sisters arrive at the family cabin deep in the woods for a gathering that never happens. An old woman finds she’s not quite as prepared for the end of the world as she thought and a Mennonite couple remain true to their faith even as the Great Tribulation unfolds around them.

Each of these unique viewpoints has a part to play as the series unfolds.

Extinction Pulse is the first book in the Nightfall series of post apocalyptic adventure novels. This series focuses on the individual stories of a range of ordinary people as they struggle to cope with the most deadly event since the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Themes include EMP, preparedness and an examination of the true nature of humanity when the veneer of civilization is suddenly stripped away.

Mankind is on its knees, and the clock is ticking.

Robot Empire Book 1

For centuries they served. In gratitude we freed them. With vengeance they betrayed us.

When she's kidnapped by the Blessed Engineers, Arla discovers that she's been living a lie. She wasn't a farmer's daughter, but merely cargo transported in the carved out heart of an asteroid: the Arkship Dawn on a thousand year voyage to a new home.

And someone got there first.

One act of rebellion leads to the fate of her people resting on her young shoulders. And, perhaps the future of humanity itself.

Because Dawn harbors a secret. It is the key.

Destiny awaits.

Dawn Exodus is the first book in a now complete six book series of space opera in the classic vein of Asimov, Bradbury and Bear.

If you like clean, fast paced, intelligent sci-fi that's full of ideas, memorable characters and examines what it truly is to be human, then the Robot Empire series is for you.

"Reminiscent of some of my favorite old time SciFi authors" - Mark
"Inspired world building" - Belle
"A brilliant read with an epic and unexpected ending" - Bethany

The Stranger

A Post Apocalyptic Tomorrow

From sci-fi author Kevin Partner and post apocalyptic best seller Mike Kraus

Two weeks ago, millions died in the space of a few hours, betrayed by the very technology that was supposed to bring an end to illness and misery.

Now a stranger makes a desperate journey across the United States to deliver hope to those who can fight back.

But many miles lie between him and the fulfilment of his mission.

When he arrives at a small town, he finds that his enemies are close behind. Can he escape and continue on his way, or will the Long Night claim another victim?

This story also includes the first chapter of The Long Night, book one of the six book Long Night series.

Writers Write. Authors Finish.

What turns a writer into an author? Finishing. 

Do you want to finish your manuscript?

Or, do you want to write more words in less time?

Ten Minute Author is a concise book describing a beautifully simple but powerful technique for creating a daily writing habit to finish your next manuscript. And the one after that.

Aimed at both the complete beginner and published authors who want to write more consistently, Ten Minute Author shows how a simple commitment to a daily writing practice can become the foundation of a successful career.

Drawing on his experience of writing daily for over three years, author Kevin Partner provides a complete blueprint for setting up your new habit, including downloadable resources, online templates and a 28-day challenge to begin your writing streak.

This is a short book about a simple habit with profound results.


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Extinction Pulse Chapter 1 Audio

Extinction Pulse Chapter 1 Audio

Listen to an AI reading out the first chapter of Extinction Pulse, book 1 of the Nightfall series of post apocalyptic sci-fi novels.Chapter One Elijah   Day 1: Glendale, CA. Detective Elijah Wade glanced up at the colorful streaks of light dancing in the evening sky...

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Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

This is a book to read, be amazed by and then to evaluate in the light of the time that has passed since. The broad thrust of Gladwell's argument seems to be supported, but some of the detail might be controversial. Some of the aspects of society that he brings up are...

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This is one of those books that, if implemented, could change your life. I'm not going to say too much about it here, except that it has the best opening page of any book I've ever read. And then continues with a fascinating description of how Clear came to understand...

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David Copperfield

David Copperfield

David CopperfieldI don't know about you, but I often daydream about which books, movies or albums I'd take to a desert island and, for the past ten years or so, David Copperfield has been on that list. I studied Dickens at school, but it bored the pants off me, so I...

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Before, During, and After: How the Flare Ended the World

Before, During, and After: How the Flare Ended the World

Before, During, and After: How the Flare Ended the World (A Post-Apocalyptic Anthology)I was delighted to have one of my stories chosen for this anthology of post apocalyptic fiction. There are nineteen stories in total, all set within the same world and mine...

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Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap

Who wants to talk about toilet paper? No, me neither. But the guys behind Who Gives A Crap have made an essential, but, shall we say, unglamorous aspect of our daily lives a little better for the planet. Their toilet paper is made from recycled paper (or bamboo if...

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